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Andy features in 20 best things in Auckland life

Best Elvis

Andy Stankovich is the next best thing to Elvis.

Andy Stankovich. Auckland's best-loved Elvis impersonator, Andy Stankovich, was seized with a genius idea in 2014. He decided to put aside the Elvis jumpsuits, those clown costumes with their sequins and their belts, and just do what makes him loved: sing Elvis songs. He staged a dynamic live show at the Civic on August 16 with a full band including backing vocals and choir, and set the place on fire. He wore sharp suits. Everything else was his sound. The guy just has such a pure Elvis voice. He did That's Alright Mama, Are you Lonesome Tonight, If I Can Dream, Always on my Mind - he was Elvis. More, please.

Article originally appeared in the NZ Herald.

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